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I'm 38, was diagnosed with OA of the neck and lumbar spine a year ago. I also suffer from a lot of muscle aches and pains, probably from being anxious for a lot of my life. Recently I've made a lot of progress at letting go of the tension, but it has become more evident to me that the OA is a major problem. For example, today I meditated, got pretty relaxed, then went to do my laundary, and after just a brief period of bending and twisting my neck and back were aflame with pain. It's like this every week; doing my chores is very difficult.

I take Celebrex 2x day but it doesn't seem to help much. I usually do better with a giant dose of aspirin (like 4 at once).

I'm starting to feel that I need to explore supplements and find some way to reverse this, because it is making my life hell.

I've read about many supplements.. glucosamine/chondrotin of course, and many other things including green-lipped mussel extract (that sounds funny!). Can I get some feedback about what stuff has worked for other people?