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Here's the Reader's Digest version--

-on disability (seizures and autonomic disorder)
-no health insurance-- on medicaid, but like I said, no health insurance
-get generic meds thru assistance program; rx meds are pretty much out of the question- with SSD and LTD insurance, I 'make too much' (but can't afford meds).
-can't see specialist since medicaid 'spend down' each month is over 1200 bucks (like a 1200 dollar monthly deductible)

--during a seizure (?= didn't hurt this much before) must have knocked something out of whack....that was over a week ago- x-rays=no fracture; already knew of at least 50% cartilage gone in that knee, more than a third in the other. Ibuprofen is a joke, but i take it to be "compliant"....have had shot in joint, which helped, but can't see a specialist now, Celebrex did nothing. Joint support moderately helpful for about an hour; sleeping difficult due to no great position.

Any ideas??? Will be spending 9 hours in a car 2 days out of 3 for a reunion. I've got some of those pull-on gel cool-hot pack thingys for the ride. And I'm taking an ice bucket with a washrag.

hard to believe that just over 2 years ago, I was working up to 12 hour shifts, and had been for 19 years, pain or not....now , I just want to get through the weekend.