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My family doctor referred me to a specialist for my arthritic knees. I have early onset degenerative arthritis in both knees with considerable pain. The specialist has asked me to try three medications to start, two weeks each until we find one that works. The three he has me started with are Celebrex, Voltaren and Sulindac. I am aware of the warnings about Celebrex and the possibility of complications involving the heart so I'm not overly excited about it. I have had a recent cardiac workup three months ago including a nuclear stress and echo and all are normal and my cardiologist said she had not problem with me taking Celebrex.

I would appreciate any feedback about these meds from anyone who has taken them. What were your experiences and how effective they were. Any input would be greatly appreciated so I can decide which to start with.

I have only tried Celebrex but it didn't help as well as I thought it might. I had actully started Bextra about 2 weeks before all the warnings about it came out so my doc took me off of it. It was unfortunate because it worked great for me back then. So when I was given some Celebrex samples recently (thought he only meant for a short period anyway) I was hoping it would work the same as Bextra, but it didnt. I have Lupus, Fibro, Spinal Osteoarthritis, DDD, and spinal stenosis. (all the assorted pains I have in my spine have been worsening a bit rapidly so I don't know if the bextra would help this now). But anyway, I seemed to have no side effects from the Celebrex....actually because I had to open a stuck door with just my arm and wrist rather than putting my back muscles into it, then hurt my wrist muscle; the Celebrex DID help get rid of that pain quickly.

As usual, everyone is different and reacts to every drug differently. If pain is that bad that I couldnt live with it anymore then I personally would probably take the celebrex anyway, no matter what the risk. But there are SOOOOO many anti-inflammatories and other pain relievers out there to try so I wouldnt give up after just those 3 you listed.
I agree that getting rid of the pain is worth the risk. Not everybody has side effects from Celebrex. I have mod/severe osteoarthritis in my knees, and shoulders. I am on Mobic and Ultram which has helped me quite a bit. For me, taking the Mobic is worth the risk vs dealing with extreme pain on a daily basis
I've taken Celebrex for about 5 years for osteoarthritis in knees, shoulders and spine - no side effects, gives enough relief to do most normal activities. I've had problems with most of the over the counter NSAIDS and as long as the Celebrex keeps working well for me, I'm sticking with it.