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Wow, I didn't think i'd get any replies at all. I am currently taking it but I'm not sure if it's supposed to actually help pain or if it just helps slow the process of the degeneration. I started taking it on the 20th, last week, twice per day. I don't think it's doing anything yet, and not even sure it will at all. But it looks like the studies that were done, the people were taking it at least 90 days to see any benefits. I also take Plaquenil for Lupus and that took about 8-9 months to really feel any benefit from it. The lupus is a seperate problem which causes me inflammation and differnt type pain and fatigue. I still have some fatigue from my last flare so that makes it harder to tell if this Limbrel is doing anything for my osteoarthritis. But since it is so safe, I have no qualms taking it..I guess ya never know what might possibly help. I have taken Bextra (and Celebrex) in the past and can say Limbrel is nothing like those drugs. Maybe I will call my doc to see if I should get a script for it to take it longer term & see if any improvements occur.....