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OMG... Me too. I have had autoimmune stuff since 16 yrs old, that was when I had ITP and nearly bleed out, but a spleenectomy was sucessful. I have only had brief flares up until 11 months ago. I have been having awful inflammatory arthritis and am on celebrex, steroids when absolutely needed, and eating pain meds. Yesterday was the first time I had experienced itchy palms and of course knowing that most of the weird things that come up with me are lupus related, I got on the net to look up itchy palms. I have had Raynauld's syndrome in the past which is related to an overreaction to temp changes but this itchy stuff is driving me crazy. And also at one time my gland biopsy slides were sent to a Doc in CA to determine if I has Kawasaki's, and I am also not to take sulfa, it causes autoimmune reaction in me, usually a flare or bleeding. I am really scared because my lupus has never been this bad and I am having new wierd things happen to me. I am having to take hot baths to soothe my inflammed knee and that seems to accelerate the itching on the palms of my hands. Benedryl does help but I am allready on so many meds that I am afraid I will go to sleep and not wake up. My husband tells me to stop scratching my hands but I can only replace scratching with rubbing. He also had me buy a power ball lottery ticket just in case the old saying was true about itchy palms bringing money. Well I am way too wordy, but seems I have alot in common with some of the other people posting. I think I will try some topical Caladryl. I'll let ya'll know if it helps. GG