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I have been seeing a theropy and rehab office due to a problem with my left arm.
I have constant pins and needles going all the way down to my fingertips, weakness in my whole are on and off pain. I have been under theropy and meds, such as Celebrex and Nuronton and pain meds when needed.

I had a EMG done and it showed nerve inflamation in the root of my nerve in my neck,. I also had a MRI and my neck was a mess.

I have several Buldging discs, Bone Spures, and Hernataed Discs. My doctor is concerned over 1 disc in particular.:eek:
It is severely Herniated and she said the Jelly in the disc leaked out. So there is NO jelly in this disc. She said it is like dangling and up against the nerve. She is talking to me about seeing a surgeon. She 1st wants me to talk to another doc about have Epadorals in my neck?? But she is constantly saying I WILL have to end up sending you to a surgeon.

I am scared about this. I was hoping to here that we will just continue theropy and maybe have to increase meds and then it will be fine. I guess not. She IS increasing my meds and I continuing theropy (which honestly isnt realy working) but I am scheduled to see the doc regaring a consult for the Epadurals.

I have herd that the Epadorals are not the answer. That they MAY help, but just temporary.

WHAT DO I DO ??:blob_fire
I know I cant go on with this. It is hard to even get in a comfortable position to sleep.

Any feed back would be great !!