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I've been to doctor after doctor over the years and nobody can figure out what's wrong with me.

I'm a 31 years young male and have been having back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger pain for years. My neck and shoulder muscles are constantly tense no matter how relaxed I am. Also, extreme fatigue no matter how much sleep I get. And, don't get me started on the constant headaches.

Another weird thing is that almost all of my joints crack constantly. Just walking barefoot, all you hear is "crack, crack, crack" - there goes my future as a ninja! My shoulder pops just shrugging it. I can stretch and feel my collar bone pop. I can crack my fingers just by clenching a fist.

And the thing I fear constantly is pinching my sciatic nerve. Just bending over the wrong way to pick up laundry can knock me off my feet.

I've been tested for RA and Lupus multiple times. I've had an MRI and the only thing abnormal is that my L5 was slightly inflamed. All blood counts are fine. I've been on celebrex, which only gets rid of the headaches. The joint pain and muscle tenseness is constant.

I've been to several GPs and an orthopedic surgeon. All say it's in my head and that I'm perfectly healthy. Just keep taking ibuprofen and take it easy. Rheumatologists in the Orlando area don't seem to see anyone unless you have a referral and since everyone thinks its in my head, they won't refer me.

Out of desperation, I went to a chiropractor and started getting adjustments, but after six sessions, I stopped going because I always feel worse after.

I've been popping OTC stuff like candy for too long. Bayer back and body pain helps somewhat (mainly just gets rid of the headaches), but just enough for me to be able to get work done. I recently tried Tylenol Arthritis and that works a little better, but upsets my stomach.

Any idea what to do next? I'm at my wits end.