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I had a discogram and CT scan afterwards...yesterday. It wasnt as bad as I though it would be. They injected C3-T1. It seems the worse pain came from C5-6 and C6-7. For some reason the pain I feel on my left side of my neck and traps could not be reproduced. Here's the thing: The week prior I had facet injections at C5-C7. They put some steroids in there and numbing med. It was meant to be diagnostic. They didnt work unfortunately. I have had many of these but never on C6-7. My physiatrist wanted to try 1 last thing to see if it was more joint pain or more disk pain on my left side. I am full of facet AND disk issues. Well since the joints didnt feel better last week, and they did the discogram and nothing hurt on that left side either...I have a dilemma. #1....if I had steroids in my system from the week before, how the heck could they do an accurate discogram?? I am so mad at myself for forgetting to ask the Dr. this question before I got the discogram! I mean the Dr. HAD to have known I had steroids in my system....HE was the guy who put them there! Also , they tell you to make sure you take no anti-inflammatories for several days before the discogram. I didnt know I was having the discogram till the day before I got it. So I also took some Celebrex at about 1pm the day before. Well the nurse who called to schedule the discogram told me I cant have the procedure because of this. Then she told me to hold on and asked the Dr. and he said it was OK. Can you see my CONFUSION????????:confused: Am I nuts to think about such things.....afterall it is THEIR job to figure this stuff out, not mine. Also, this discogram guy (who also did the facet injections the week prior) comes highly recommended. So now I see my physiatrist on Mon. the 21st( who is managing my case) and he will give me his opinion on the discogram and CT scan and then probably send me to a spinal surgeon. I dont know how to interpret the discogram notes, but it did show MODERATE degeneration at C5-6 and C6-7. I would lOVE to know what is causing me so much pain on that left side that couldnt be recreated? It is possible it could bre muscle spasms. I am FULL of them non stop for 5 yrs. #2 question: If I end up fixing the C5-6. C-6-7 is it possible that I may get the muscle spasms to finally stop? I know its entirely possible that the side of my neck and trapezius are trying to protect the neck. My biggest fear is making a bad problem even worse!
Thanks for your patience in reading this!