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I aplogize for hogging the boards today. I am having one of THOSE days.:dizzy:
I had a discogram 2 days ago on my neck. Exactly one week prior, I had some facet injections and they put steroids in there. Steroids take a few days to kick in. They made a BIG deal before the discogram, that I should not take any anti-inflammtories 5 days before the procedure. Well I didnt know I was having the discogram till late in the day, the day before. Well I took Celebrex earlier in the day and the nurse told me we couldnt have the procedure because of this. She then asked the Dr, about it and he said it was OK. Well....I got to thinking after the discogram...if I had steroids during the facet injections the week prior....how could my discogram be accurate?? My biggest pain area couldnt not be provoked during the discogram. The facet injections didnt help the week before. I am REALLY starting to wonder if they screwed up by doing the discogram too soon after me getting steroids. I would hate to have surgery based on a screwed up discogram. The Dr. who did the discogram....his partner did the facet injections the week before. My worse pain on my left side didnt get reproduced with the discogram and the facet injections in the same place were not helpful. Makes you wonder, doesnt it? This is really starting to make me mad right now. Any feedback would be welcome. :mad: I have called the discogram Dr. and am waiting for a return call (good luck on a Friday)... and I also called and left a msg. for my physiatrist who is managing my whole case...whom I see on Monday. I am so aggravated with so many things, I took a Xanax!!!