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Something you might be interested in is "Limbrel", a health food available via prescription only.

I have inflammation in my feet, knees, groins, hips, rotater cuffs, arms, hands, all fingers and thumbs.

I cannot take over counter anti-inflammatory meds, causes stomach problems. Since I could not take over the counter I would not be able to take Celebrex or other stronger prescription meds.

In 2 weeks I was getting some relief. It has been 3 months and I can move, get around more normal, pain and swelling less. It is not the cure but it sure has made life more enjoyable with less misery. I can now stand up without pushing up and about dying from the pain. Many times I saw stars when getting up from a chair but now I don't. I feel more normal for a change.

Limbrel is made from bark of two different tropical trees. I have not found out which ones.

I have had no side effects to Limbrel. I usually have side effects to most meds.