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I didn't have to stay but one day, but it was a 24 hour blur. I arrived at hospital on day of surgery (Gainesville, FL) and once checked in was given 2 pills (Pepcid AC and something that would not allow acid to pool in stomach). Once I arrived at surgical floor the anesthesiologist started IV. I said my goodbyes to parents and husband and he knocked me out with some drug. The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. I had a collar on and they said I was doing so good they were ready to move me to a room. I told them I was ready for lunch (steak and baked potato). They thought I was kidding. It was around lunch time. They came in and gave me a shot of morphine plus I still had IV. They started muscle relaxers and antibiotics in the IV. I drank some water and again said bring me lunch. I am one of the fortunate people that does not get sick from anesthesia, so they finally took me at my word and brought me lunch (meatballs and noodles). My throat was quite uncomfortable but I got quite a bit of food down. I also had the lovely compression hose and machine on, so in order to get up I had to have nurse help me unhook from the machine. I also had a drain in my neck that they kept checking along with my vitals. Around 5:00pm that afternoon I was in the worse pain of the whole time. They gave me another morphine shot and said if I continued to get shots I would not go home the next day. No more shots for me, I switched to Percosett by mouth. They continued to push muscle relaxer and something else via the IV. I also received more Pepsid AC. Around 6:30 I was ready for dinner so they brought me dinner. I never really got up much except to visit the restroom. The doctor came in to see me around 7:00pm. I complained to him that the tape on my neck was tight (didn't realize how swollen my neck was under the collar). He kindly pulled back my collar and released some of the tape and said the pain was worse in the first 12 to 24 hours, squeezed my hand and he was gone. They were still giving me muscle relaxer by IV. They came in around 9:00pm and gave me a sleeping pill. Then around 10:00pm the nurse brings me Celebrex?? I had been taken this for my neck pain prior to surgery but had stopped about 2 weeks before. I did get nauseated about this time and threw up a little. The nurse brought me an antinausea drug and a cup of vanilla ice cream. I promptly ate the ice cream (felt good on the throat). Next morning I was ready for breakfast. They still were pushing muscle relaxer IV (have to push this very slow). I was on my 3rd IV site by this time. Still taking Percosett by mouth. Doc came in around 8:00am and said I could go. They removed drain, pushed more muscle relaxer in IV, removed IV and compression hose and I headed for home with a prescription for Percosett and Muscle Relaxer. Realized I was breaking out in a rash and itching all over so my hubby called doc to change pain med to Darvocet (can't stand Loritab) and I started taking Benadryl. Was a rough day with many drugs. I have never taken so many medications in a 24 hour period in my life. I got off the pain meds as soon as possible (about 1.5 weeks). I still have some rough days and will take a half of pain pill at night mostly. I also will take a half of muscle relaxer to sleep. I am 5 weeks out now and each day gets better as long as I don't overdo. I have taken a 3 hour trip one way this weekend to see new grandson and I have paid for it. Jiggling in a vehicle becomes very painful and makes the neves start firing. Thats my surgery day in a nutshell. Like I say it is mainly a blur. I really don't remember much at home until about the third or fourth day. It was about that time that the anesthesia had worked out of my system and I couldn't get comfortable to sleep in that hard collar. We rented a hospital bed for a month from a local medical supply place ($85, insurance will pay if doc writes prescription for it). This bed was great for the first few days and then off and on I would sleep in it over the course of the 4 weeks.