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I am desperate. I stumbled upon this site and am hoping that there are others out there like me.

About 2 years ago, I started having some pain in my tailbone. BUT, I ignored it because I am a mom and can't get sick. Well, I can no longer take it. I was originally diagnosed w/ some form of Polinidal cyst. After seeing two colorectal surgeons I was diagnosed with IBS and possible Coccydinia.

Ok, I know for a fact, that my IBS is new (from stress) and yet the doctors are basically telling me that it will get better. And that the pain in related to rectal spasms. I have been treating the IBS for about 3 weeks, and feel great. I stopped taking the celebrex that the surgeon gave me for the tailbone pain. It wasn't doing any good and I didn't like the side-effects.

If anyone has or had Coccydinia, please..let me know how in the world you coped w/ not being able to sit down or drive or even play with your kids. What your treatment options were/are and if people just thought you were crazy.

I miss sitting and when I do, the consequences are just to great. I even typed this standing.

thanks, Alicia