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Hello Mona,
Well, I had my appt in Boston. It was a long day. And I am not unhappy thoughy I wasn't able to convince my NS that the herniation is the root of my problem. And the bloodwork was fine (ANA-, SED Rate normal and so on).It just doesn't add up for him. OK. I have a deal of respect for this guy so I accept that this as his professional opinion. He is uneasy about the Motrin dosage and won't Rx it for me. He understands that I am going to keep taking it anyway. I will try to reduce the dosage to what I need to remain symptom free but I won't stop taking it. I'm not a fool. Even if these docs can't come up with a diagnosis, I will do my best to feel and function better. He referred me back to my GP and thought I might be able to try taking Celebrex. But he also told me he would be referring me to a rheumy in May if my symtpoms persist when I stop taking the Motrin. I'd say he feels I may have arthritis and I have to agree that the hip and leg pain are suspicious for that. But vertigo? Intense nausea? Imbalance? Inability to drive?
But since I am taking the Motrin and I feel sooooooo much better. I am loathe to keep pushing for more medical tests. I am going to work and catch up and hope it just resolves. I can't think what else to do or to ask for. And I am weary of it all.
I will go back in May t0o Boston and if I am still symptomatic I'll have scans galore. A bone scan as well as the others. And that's it.
I gave it my best shot but I have 2 opinions in a row that say NO. What do you think? Suzy-Q