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We are.........

In the same boat. My husband also have Gout. He hates doctors...and don't believe it them. He more into alternatives medicines.....but this gout attack is one that he never ignore. He have to go see his doctor.

The pills that the doctor prescribe him are vioxx and celebrex. Of course Vioxx taken off because of health concerns...he is now taking Celebrex.

I never like those cox-2 inhibitors...I believe the risk are probably the same. Well my husband is a big meat eater...he have to take those pills if he wants to have his favorite dishes.

Anyway.....we are both working on......a more natural approach to get ride of his gout. Have you tried gout cure. It's something you should look into. You can buy it on-line.

The only way to get rid of gout or to prevent a gout attack is to get rid of the uric acid in this system. He have to drink at least 64 ounces of purified water every single day to help expel the uric acid from his system.

In the mean time.......Make sure he limits the use of alcoholic beverages, Herring, Mussels, sardines, Bacon, Beef, veal, liver, vension, lamb, trout, salmon....and all fish that have a lot of fat for that matter, Turkey, all types of shell-fish.(crab, lobsters, osters, and etc...)

Occasional..he can still have: asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, spinach, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals, chicken, duck, ham, pork, kidneys and lima beans.

foods that are safe: Green vegetables(cucumbers, lettece, etc..) tomatoes, all fruits(cherries, oranges), fruit juices, butter, milk, cheese, eggs, chocolate, cofee, and tea.

I know...if you look at my list it like....Your Husband will probably just starve to death, right? actually......mines did. As a results he actually lost about 15 pounds in one month.

But....it was short. He was always so tired, and no energy. He need meat. That's why he takes Celebrex. He sometimes limp...here and there. But...it's a relief at least to see him not in so much pain.

oh.......I've heard about a natural cox-2 ihibitor. Since your husband can't get celebrex......maybe he can take those.(I am thinking for letting my husband try it as well)