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Thanks for the INPUT!!

DietDrPepper, As for new meds...not added recent . BUT, I am on Elavil (gained wt with this one,:( ), Oxycontin, Celebrex, Prevacid, MultiVit, and PRN meds Percocet, Nasonex, and Xanax. I've been on most of these for years or many months by now. Most recent addition, the Elavil.

My father is a in the medical field and he told me to sleep with my arms ABOVE my head at night....and this morning, I didn't have the aweful pain...just a little bit of stiffness. I thought I'd share that with all of you that have the same type of problem.

He thinks its from a muscle connected to the shoulders/neck....its either being squeezed by extra weight I've put on, or the muscle itself has gotten really big from me relying on my arms for a lot of work instead of my back.

But, I still need a Diagnosis, I have a Doctor's appointment in June, but I was just wondering if anybody has this and what a Doctor has said, what you have done to help it. ANY INFO HELPS!!!!