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Hi again Wendy...It does take awhile for the methotrexate to kick in. I have been on MTX for over 4 years, almost ever since I was diagnosed. I also take Enbrel shots once a week, folic acid, Celebrex and if I do have a flare up I take 5mg Hydrocodone. I took Humira for almost 2 yrs. and did great on it, but it quit working after abt. 1 1/2 yrs. I have only been on the Enbrel for abt. 5 months but it has started to work. My main gripe is that I still feel sooo tired all the time or I do the least little housework, mop or vacuum ,and I have to sit down and rest. Ticks me off...lol. Cant do alot of gardening anymore either, which I used to do alot of. Hope the mtx starts helping your hubby soon. Hugs...Marcia