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The first time I had sciatica (2 disc bulges L3 to L5) I had the series of 3 epidural shots and it seemed to help mine. I have sciatica again which my PT thinks is now coming from L5 or S1 or maybe both and havent been to see a doc yet that will get me an MRI. But my rheumy first gave me percocet, which did absolutely nothing. Then he gave me hydrocodone with ibuprofen, which taken for several weeks seems to deaden the sharpness a bit and i've been able to sleep now. (though for all I know, it might be getting better on it's own anyway). Now is bad, though...because I keep sneezing constantly and it kills me every time I do. When this happened, I was already taking Celebrex for about 2 months, plus was going to Physical Therapy for a year 3 times per week. I havent had much luck relieving this current bout, but if i just get some imaging done to make sure it really is the disc, then I would try more epidurals.