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Help, I feel like I am a hypochondriac! But I just know, I am sick & tired of feeling sick, tired & in pain! My whole life, I have always had health problems! I will be 34 next month. Not that I want sympathy from anyone, but I am going to list all problems I have or ever had, just to give an idea of where I am coming from & maybe someone can point me in a good direction. (I am listing them in date order from as early back as childhood):
-Age 7- Fell on patch of ice, landed on tail bone.
-Age 8- back problems started, my back went out for 1st time in life.
-Age 9 to 15- Thyroid problems & goiter. Goiter just disappeared one day!
-Age 11- Started 1st period but didn't have another for @ 2 years, then only had 1-3 per year up until mid 20's.
-Age 12- Lower back went out again. Just for the day though! From age 8-16 always had problems in gym class & could not doing any exercises that involved sitting on the ground or anything like sit ups. Also, I was always in pain having to sit in the chairs in school.
-Age 13- Hair started falling out. (had always had very thick hair) by age 15 I had lost over half my hair. Was pretty noticeable.
-Age 15- Mom took me to a dermatologist for my hair loss. He did blood work & said I had normal estrogen & thyroid levels, but very high testosterone levels. I also remember this was about the time I was told my goiter was gone. I had the iodine injection to view the goiter 3-4 times in my teens.
-Age 16- excessive facial hair (started growing a beard! Not good for a girl in her teens, had a hard enough time w/ being teased w/out adding being bald & bearded!)
-Age 16/17- Back starts aching on daily basis & alot of burning sensation in my hips.
-Age 18- my back went out at school one morning & was the worst thing I ever remember feeling! I missed over a month of my senior yr. Found back specialist. He sent me for a MRI. I had 3 herniated disks, scoliosis & the starting of degeneration in my spine.
-Age 18- 1st visit w/ gyno. Was not very helpful. Said because I very rarely had periods & was a little bit overweight that I would not be able to have children. (I did not go to find that out!) just thought something was not right because I was not having regular periods. His recommendation lose weight & that would solve all of my problems!
-Age 20- Found new gyno, he put my on birth control to regulate me. 2-3 years later, went for another visit, told him how my arms were always going to sleep & I was afraid it was due to the pill. He did not agree, but said it was ok to go off of them if I wanted. MY ARMS STOPPED FALLING ASLEEP.
-Age 21- Back went out again for about a week.
-Age 22- Periods stopped completely again for a few years.
-Age 23- Back went out again. this time for 3 months, lost job & took me another 3 months to find another job, The job I ended up landing- well I am still there & hopefully still counting! Another MRI was done & this time it showed 4 herniated disks w/ a good amount of degeneration in my spine. Was told at that time by my back specialist, that it would be a matter of time & I would end up on permanent disability for the rest of my life.
-Age 24/25- Diagnosed with high blood pressure. Put on blood pressure meds.
-Age 25- Hair started falling out again. It never grew back when I was in my teens. So I couldn’t afford to lose anymore. Becoming even more insecure about my looks because of it.
-Age 25/26- Started having bad cramps all of the time, like really bad period cramps. Then all of the sudden I started a period that lasted months. Finally I said enough & went to my family dr. He sent me for an ultrasound, which showed I had 2 large ovarian cysts. He sent me to a gyno, which he put me on Provera to stop the bleeding & he monitored the cysts for about a year. He said that the Provera should shrink the cysts.
-Age 26- Ovarian Cysts increasing in size. Was also diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which the ovarian cysts are not related to the PCOS. He then decided it was time to remove the cysts, because the cramps were increasing along with the cysts getting bigger. Went in for laparoscopic surgery, he was going to remove both cysts & 1 of my ovaries. During the surgery, he found that the cysts were not on my ovaries, but on my fallopian tubes. He stopped, took pictures & closed me up! He said this was serious & that I had to get this taken care of, or they would rupture & it would take all chance away if I ever wanted children. Said it would also be very painful. He sent me to a reproductive fertility specialist. This dr had me go for a Hysterosalpingogram, which showed that the cysts were not blocking my fallopian tubes & then did a minor surgery to drain the cysts. No problems since this.
-Age 27- Horrible depression sets in. Cried several times a day for about 4-5 months. Didn’t want to live. Was actually physically hurting myself. Everyone urged me to get help. Went to a guidance clinic & to my family doctor. The therapist was great! I was apprehensive about going. My doctor did all sorts of blood work & diagnosed me with diabetes. I was also at an all time high for my weight. I changed my life style, went on diabetes meds, & lost over 60lbs. Depression went away after several months, but I told my doctor I still think I need an antidepressant. He was very surprised, because he said I was doing so well. I wanted Paxil. I told him I was not really depressed, but always had a lot of social anxiety. Had big fears of being in public. Paxil was a wonder drug! Also, found out that diabetes & PCOS run hand in hand. Diabetes meds basically regulated my periods. In the past 7 years, I have very rarely missed a period because I usually have my diabetes under control.
-Age 28- Left Leg goes numb! Family dr. said it was probably sciatica. Also started getting recurring tendonitis in my left knee, before and after my leg went numb. I basically walked with a really bad limp for about 6 months. Went to physical therapy for 3 months(max., that insurance would allow), leg still numb, but @ a month later it went away as quickly as it came. Dr put me on Celebrex for tendonitis.
-Age 29/30- Back starts bothering me on a daily basis again. Pretty much need some sort of pain pill on a regular basis. Anti-inflammatory medicines never help lower back. Just upper back. Sometime in this time frame I fell down the stairs again and upper back bothers me on a regular basis too. Went to a chiropractor for first time. She was amazed with all of my back problems. She took x-rays and looked over my MRI reports. Stated I had the spine of a 70 year old woman. Her x-rays also showed bone spurs along most of upper spine. Went to her for @ 6 months. After 6 months, I was still seeing her 3 times a week, with not much relief. Can’t afford her anymore.
-Age 29/30-Went to family doctor for recurring headaches. I thought they were sinus. He said it is TMJ. I grind teeth & clench jaw too much.
-Age 31- Bought a wig! Couldn’t handle how I looked anymore. Best thing I ever did for my appearance! Now own over 20 wigs!
-Age 32- Back still bothersome & left shoulder bothersome. Went for another MRI on lower back & shoulder. Still shows 4 herniated disks (3 major, 1 minor), still shows scoliosis & more degeneration. Disk spaces are getting more narrow. MRI of shoulder shows degenerative joint disease.
-Age 32/33- Not sure exactly when, but most joints start bothering me regular basis. Especially right elbow. Also keep getting recurring tendonitis in hands/thumb region. Start noticing pain in arms, neck & chest. Flares up even more when very stressed. Not sure when, but I noticed sometime (29-33) in this time frame that my memory is not as good, I have trouble concentrating, very clumsy, tired all the time, in a fog a lot (even some of my family noticed the fog or being spaced out), not being able to grab onto things & hand/arm weakness, feeling agitated easily by people & loud noise, possible IBS, muscle spasms/muscle twitching in hands and legs. Pain starting in fingers.
-Age 33- I start looking into things, because family doctor keeps blaming all of my pains, issues & problems on my diabetes. I have gut feeling it is not. I keep thinking it is possible thyroid issues. He does blood work, which shows all results normal on thyroid. Go to new doctor. Internal specialist. Am diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She switches some of my medications. Cholesterol levels way out of wack. Always have been, but all cholesterol meds give me leg pains. Trying Omacor (fish oil). Hands start going numb on regular basis. New doctor thinks may be ulnar nerve, so recommends me to an orthopedic doctor. He said I have muscle wasting or degeneration in right arm & both hands. Sends me for an EMG. Doctor for EMG performs tests & her findings were: no ulnar nerve damage, but possible irritation of nerve. Finds carpel tunnel in both hands & says that my muscle wasting is Myopathy. She thinks right away that the Myopathy is thyroid related.

Now I am lost! I think some of these issues coincide with other issues. Not sure what direction I should go in.

Current Meds: -Diazide (blood pressure), Metformin & Januvia (diabetes), OMACOR (fish oil for trigercerides), LISINOPRIL (but for kidney function), CYMBALTA (depression & pain), ORPHENADRINE (muscle relaxer), Darvocet (pain), Voltaren (anti-inflammatory/ pain)