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I also have a few questions:

- Is it OK to take a herbal liquid multivitamin and other supplements while on the cleanse? (fish oil, apple cider vinegar, and an antioxidant)
- Is it OK to drink tea (green and herbal teas only) while on the cleanse?
- Grade B maple syrup is recommended - but aren't grades C and D "better"? They are darker than grade B, and in all the instructions for this cleanse... they are saying that the darker the maple syrup, the better. Anyone know anything about the other two grades?
- Is it OK to still take any prescription medicine one might have? I'm taking Celebrex (an anti-inflammatory) and Elavil (for chronic pain)... and there's no way I can stop those meds at this time (they are greatly helping my chronic low back pain, and Elavil is an ongoing treatment for a hypersensitivity issue I have on a part of my body, and it cannot by stopped for another 2 years).

Any help on those questions will be appreciated!