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Hello I am new to this particular boards although I usually post in the diabetes forum but this question is for my husband. As probably most men my husband has high pride and won't go to the doctor I have been on him to go since we got together and unless he is severely sick and vomiting can I get him to go... So I thought I could get some help on here and could take action myself My husband who just turned 34 a few days ago has been partially deaf since as long as he can remember we went to a hearing specialist a few years back and they told him that he is completely deaf in his right ear and partially deaf in his left He has been able to deal with it up to this point although it has been very difficult along with the deafness he has numerous more problems first he has severe flat feet which causes the brunt of his weight to be on his ankles causing pain as well as lower back pain daily then he has pain in his wrist and hands he has gone to the doctor once or twice on that and the dr cant seem to pin point the problem he says it one of three things either tendonitus, arthritus or carpal tunnel so he went to therapy for a few weeks and they said they cant really say either he had blood work done and went through their excercises and they simply said that they notice his grip isnt up to par and they notice its gets better when he has a few days off but gets worse once he returns to work He works as a dough maker at a pizza shop and has done this type of work for over 8 yrs so he is constantly using his hands and throughout the years his hands have gotten worse and worse with pain and stiffness daily he starting wearing a brace recently but it only helps to a certain extent. We don't really know what else to do for him the dr prescribed celebrex for him which helped a hair but the pain was still there His manager at work just recently quit which left my husband to be forced into more hours which he doesn't want to do because he is already barely dealing with the pain I just wanted to know if anyone out there has dealt with anything of the same and can give any advise to ease the pain or suggest anything else it might be and the reason I am asking under this forum is I wanted to know if you thought he would be able to apply and recieve disablity for any of these problems I think it might be the best for him do to his hands/wrist cant heal while he is working with his hands and there isnt many jobs where you dont use your hands I appreciate any help... Thank You!!