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Thanks again for replying!

I did a search on my company's website to see if I could find any information about our LTD benefits and was amazed to find that I would receive LTD until either I'm no longer considered disabled or retirment.

Although I want to confirm and get more information from the HR Department, just reading that set my mind very much at ease.

I know you are on Medicare, however, when you are eligible for LTD do you know if are you also allowed to keep your medical insurance benefits or do you automatically have to go on Cobra?

I'm married and my husband makes a very good income and is able to work PRN for quite great pay off hours and on the weekends, which he has been doing as of late to get bills and our wedding paid off. Even though we are pretty much living pay check to pay check by choice, always paying way more than our basic monthly payments on our two credit cards, we both are still contributing to our 401k's and side investments such as a Roth and purchasing my company stocks...we also manage to sack away a measily $200/mo in our personal savings.

Right now I'm at 70% of my current wages for hours that I'm not working 40 hours/paycheck) and in addition I'm having to pay back approximately $125 per check because the company decided after paying me for over a month that my time should be recorded at a reduced rate for STD. I would say if we strictly tighten up our budget and possibly get rid of my vehicle which at $650 is our largest monthly expense beside our home, we would be fine with our income/expenses. A great Saturday night to us is a Law & Order marathon on television and a few diet sodas so at least

I give so much credit to everyone going through these trials as I grew up with my father having bone cancer and having to leave his job of 30+ years and go on LTD & SSDI. I know my parents struggled many times to make ends meet, yet, we as children never were denied the things we needed and many times wanted.

We are hoping that I will be able to get well enough to get off the Fentanyl, Vicodin, Celebrex, and Zanaflex and hopefully in the next year we will be able to try and start a family...I know if I continue to put myself under this amount of stress with my career that this will most likely never be possible. Being 31, time is of the essence in this department!

Thanks again for taking the time to correspond with me. I thought I'd get more responses but I appreciate all of them from my sole Neurowreck!