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Hi Again,


I have not had a lumbar or thoracic MRI, just an x-ray that shows I have a disc problem at L-5? It might be a good idea to see what else is going on there so thats a great idea.

THe MRI and report was from June 07 a few months ago. The reason I am hesitant about the neurosurgical opinion is because the previous orthopedic surgeon who has been seeing me since the begining of June has never mentioned myelopathy and all his in office testing of capacities seemed to be negative for anything other than radiculopathy. Spurlings was unequivocal and no motor deficits were noted. There were no signs of radiculopathy. The only thing in his report was radiculitis. His suggestion was to get an epidural cervical injection. My last neurosurgeons report dated 8/20 reads:

Babs returns to the office for reevaluation relative to a prevously diagnosed cervical spondylosis with myelopathy (first time mentioned and never said to me previously) She continues somewhat improved but still symptomatic with arm numbness. The burning is improved with Lyrica 75 MG. ON examination, she remains weak in her biceps, triceps and hip flexors. S Based on appearance of MRI, however, I am reluctant to put surgery on back burner based on the possible risk of permanent neurologic impairment etc.

I am scheduled for a cervical epidural next week. I am no longer on the Lyrica. I could not tolerate the side effects. I pulled myself off all pain meds two weeks ago and went to a manual orthopedic therapist who has been helping me. Last week, the pain started up again with a vengeance including the headaches. Back on pain meds again. Celebrex and valiums. I seem to be stabilized for the moment but still dont know what to do. I know that no one can make the decision for me, but do the cervical epidurals work for anyone???

Thanks for your support and answers.;) :)