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Hi Everyone,

I am really confused. I have DDD and most of my problems have been with my neck so far because I have had two serious car accidents that have exacerbated my problem.

Cervical MRI reveals multilevel issues with osteophytes, thecal sac compression and severe formaminal stenosis.

I have cervical and lumbar DDD with 5-6 being the worst. Visited three neurosurgeons about my neck with three opinions;

1) Need surgery 2 level fusion
2) Get epidurals and see what happens. If no improvement, go get an EMG
3) Dont need surgery, just have neuralgia and DDD. Get epidural and wait it out for a year or two.

Last week, I had a cervical epidural. I felt a small improvement in pain, but I am still popping two or three 5 MG valiums a day and taking Celebrex. In the last 5 months, I have exhausted all conservative treatments. PT, Qi GOng therapy, traction (chiro not an option), 11 pain meds including every muscle relaxant known to man, Vicodin, Skalaxin, Flexiril, Valium, Naprosyn, Percocet, Darvocet, Lyrica and some others I cant remember.

I am not in excruciating pain, but the occipital headaches are awful, the muscle spasms and the electrical shooting type pain is still uncomfortable even after the epidural.

Strangely enough, my back started acting up last week again and other than an X-ray taken after my may 07 accident, nothing else but PT has been tried to resolve an L-5 problem. It went into remission but is back with a rage (L-5). So heres the deal: Had two EMG/NCV studies done last week and the cervical one came back normal wiht no electrophysioloigic evidence of cervical radiculopathy. The lumbar one came back with the following result:

"THis is an abnormal NCV/EMG study. There is electrophysical evidence of lumbar radiculopathy at multiple levels including the L4/L5 and L5/S1 nerve roots bilaterally and corresponding myotomal distributions R>L, L5/S1>> L4/L5 This neuropathy is chronic, axonal and severe in nature.

I know that EMGs are not accurate, but can you get a false positive or false negative. Any statistics out there to support either direction? I dont know whether or not I should have fusion surgery (cervical). Three different opinions and no real answers. I am presently getting a lumbar MRI done this week. Should I go see someone about both neck and back or keep these two issues separate?

Are there any other tests to confirm which levels of my neck need to be fused or whether some other surgery is needed other than ACDF? Please inform. Thanks!