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I recently herniated my L5/S1 disc and it is pressing on my nerve. The first week that I had pain it was in my lower back and the following week it was severe pain down my right buttock, groin, thigh, calf and sometimes into the foot. It has been seven weeks since the pain started and the pain is probably 75% better, but I still have significant pain during transitions from sitting to standing and standing to sitting with sometimes unbearable pain in the hip, groin and thigh. Bedtime is also uncomfortable as I cannot find a good position to stay in for very long. I have done Ibuprofen, Flexiril, Darvocet, Medrol Dose Pack and now Celebrex which gives me temporary relief.

I saw the neurosurgeon last month and he said to give it until the end of this month and if I still had a lot of pain then he would do a microdiscectomy. He said that it was very easy because of its location and the fact that he wouldn't have to take out any bone to get to the disc. I see him this week and am seriously contemplating the surgery because my daily activities are so hampered by this pain. I haven't gone anywhere in a car if it takes more than 15 minutes because of the pain getting back out of it.

I would like to know if you have had an L5/S1 microdiscectomy and how was your postop recovery and how long did it take you before you could get back to normal activities. I have 4 children and don't have time for this to "possibly" heal on its own with time. Thanks for your input on this.

I am not quite sure if it is an extrusion or a protrusion. He never said and I never knew that there was differences in herniations. I see my neurosurgeon this week and I will have to ask him about that and the mm. I'm glad to be getting people's opinions on this issue and am learning more about herniated discs and surgery since coming to these boards.

I was really hoping that physical therapy would help me, but even with very minimal exercises I cannot walk the next day without extreme pain. So far the best things for my back has been heat and rest and some relief with Celebrex. I'll post after I speak with the surgeon on Thursday and see what he has to say.