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Hi, to those of you taking or considering taking Enbrel. I have been using this drug for 2 years and it has worked wonderfully for me.

Prior to Enbrel I was on metholtrexate, Arava?, plaquenil, and other drugs. The combination of drugs I was taking made me very ill. Anything and everything I ate just went right through me, I loss a lot of weight and felt absolutly terrible. Plus I had to keep up the pretense of going to work each and every day.

It was extremely hard to get motivated to do anything.

The Enbrel took a bit of getting use to giving myself a needle as I have that fear. But since they have come out with the Sureclik, it is much easier.

I still take the plaquenil, and celebrex, and still have my moments, but way better than I have been in a lot of years.