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Thanks to all. I have found your advise very informative. I just had an appointment with my surgeon because I've been having major muscle spasm in my shoulder, upper arms and shoulder blades. I didn't realize what I was experiencing was muscle spasm as the muscle spasm I've had in my arms would pulsate. My doctor said they are caused from inflammation from surgery (11/21 ACDF C5-6). I'm having another MRI to make sure nothing has changed and I don't have to have another surgery. If so she's prescribing "injections" to take the swelling down and then celebrex to keep the inflammation in tact so I won't experience these painful spasms. In the meantime she prescribed Methylpredisolone for relief from the pain. This is a steriod. She's given me two prescriptions. Does anybody know what the side affects are with these steriods, also doe anyone have an idea of what the "injections" she mentioned might be?