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When I was 21, I began tohave pain in one wrist, then both. I thought it was carpal tunnel since I was in college and wrote lots of papers. Slowly I began to experience severe pain everywhere, every joint...ankles, knees, wrists, hands, feet, elbows..and some muscle aches. My feet were so swollen I could not wear my shoes and I could barely walk. I had to take several ibuprofen before I could even get out of bed. I went through many tests and nothing showed up except for an elevated sedimentation rate (sed rate). I never tested positive for RA. They thought I might have had it though since I also suffer from severe dry eyes, Sjogren's symdrome or something? I was given steroids and within a week, I was fine. It was the WORST pain I've ever experienced in my life.

It's now 10 yrs later and I randomly experience various joint aches but nothing like the all-over body pain I had then. I will have a ramdom joint start to hurt and then get worse and worse and swell and the only thing that helps is celebrex and then it will eventually go away.

I haven't been been tested again for RA since I haven't had a full-blown flare up since that first time. I am wondering, has anyone ever heard of this all the sudden severe pain at the onset of RA? I'm so scared that it will come back. It was terrifying not knowing what was wrong with me, and still is.
I have the same thing. i lived in AZ in College, moved to Michigan at 24 and my knee blew up like a watermelon. steroid injections are the only thing that helped (and Celebrex until it caused other problems). Now it's my right ankle and the pain is excrutiating. it's always when we have these wild weather swings. problem is, i can't get an injection into my ankle to quite it down. i know i'm not the only one out there with this stuff. they call mine reiters syndrome. whatever it is, how can the weather set my joints on fire and cause them to swell so much so fast?