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Hi , I am not a doctor, but my feeling on this is that if your husband is only using this medication at bedtime, there is very low risk of addiction. It is not a given that all people taking narcotics will experience addiction problems. Long use of these type medicines can cause "dependancy" which is different that addiction. If he has a previous history of alcohol or drug addiction, this should have been discussed with the prescribing doctor. It has a fair amount of acemetophin (tylenol) in it so alcohol should be avoided while taking this medicine. Some people do not tolerate pain medicines and have changes in behavior. If your husband is being cranky it could be because of pain, or if it only started since taking this medicine, and it is a significant change in mood, then talk to the doctor.

This is a lower class pain reliever. There are much stronger drugs than this one.

If his pain is arthritic type there are other options, like Celebrex type medicines. Hopefully this puts your mind to rest.