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[quote]He talks about the future, like the annual beach trip we take to Gulf Shores every year for the boat races with our best friends and I try my best to be upbeat but when I read Lisa's posting of Pete's passing I just can't seem to see past today.

:D He sounds like me!
I live for our annual beach trip and it's one of those things that keeps me going.

I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma May 2006 - with an unknown primary site. First doctor said I had 6 mos to a year to live without treatment and 3 years with treatment. I went to another oncologist and got a much better prognosis. I had surgery to remove the cancer (it was in my upper thigh lymph nodes) but it came back and started to spread to my lungs.. My doctor put me on Tarceva and Celebrex and it stopped the tumor growth and caused the mets to my lungs to disappear and some nodules to cavitate. There have been no new nodules since the Tarceva/Celebrex mix (last November) and most of the lung nodules that were there cavitated. Some just went away.

I am so looking forward to my beach trip this summer...:D I talk to my husband daily as though all is back to normal - though I know it's not and may never again be. Every thing has taken on a new and important vibrance! Every childs birthday, holiday, vacation, etc... I just appreciate so much more! Even if I beat this cancer - I will never go back to looking at life the same way... It's not the quantity of life but the quality.

Realize that right here right now - win lose or draw - you and your husband must LIVE! Be a loving couple - not cancer victims! It's hard because cancer will try to consume you both...don't let it.