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I have researched on the web and this is only supposed to last a couple of years or so if that. That can't be since I've lived with these symptoms and bloodwork, high c-reactive protein, sed rate, normal rh factor, for many years. TRUE.. I have ups and downs. Thats what I call it. Maybe as much as a couple of months will go by and then wham... I get hit with severe pain either in my shoulders and neck and then hips and legs. Can hardly even touch me, especially my legs hurt just to be touched with any pressure at all. When that pain and inability to hardly walk starts.. I'm in for it for a long time.. more than a few months. Then the whole thing ebbs off for a while.

Meanwhile.. I have degenerative disc disease, spinal spondylosis, spinal stenosis, 4 bulging cervical and 4 lumbar, sciatica and osteoarthritis in my hands, knees, ankles, elbows, toes. I'm a mess.

Now.. having all these dx, accumulated over years and years.. you'd think I'd have a decent doctor who could treat me without throwing prednisone at me. I refuse to take it. Prednisone makes me jittery, nauseous and I feel like I'm on constant fight or flight status. Sleep is out of the question on the stuff. Short courses are fine, longterm .. forget it. So I suffer in pain, taking as many as six ibuprofen at the time, more than a few times a day.

I've already been there, done that with other meds. Naproxen tears up my stomach.. as does ibuprofen, but naproxen is worse. Most doctors won't let me take Celebrex cause my heart damaged from years of out of control high bp. Its under control now with 3 meds for it. I have taken etodolac, 500 mg.. and that helps a little.

Doctors in my town are scared to prescribe pain meds anymore, so what do I do? Kill myself? At this point... thats exactly what I feel like doing at times.

I already have abnormal kidney function bloodwork from years of taking hydrochorothiazide and ibuprofen.

So I don't even know how to find a good doctor. For many years I was stuck with a sliding scale clinic cause I had no insurance. Now that I finally won SSDI and am on Medicare, the issue is a VERY difficult one. I don't want to be accused of doctor shopping since that is supposedly frowned upon, but on the other hand, how else am I to find someone who can treat the WHOLE me and help me find some comfort and functional flexibility again? At LEAST help me ease the horrific pain I suffer in too much of the time.

Its pretty bad when at 58 yo and my mind wants to do things, to feel good, but I can't move out of my chair, bed or sofa for fear of the pain that will get worse, start or that will take days to recover from. My family wants a functional Mom and Grandma that doesn't scream in pain, whine in pain or breaks down crying in pain.

Any help out there in cyberland? I sure could use it.