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im 26 yrs old i am what is described as a dislocator with my shoulder of which i have regular physio on, when i was 11 i had a major incident regarding my knees, i suffer regulary with sciatica and raynauds and have had carpal tunnel, these i can pinpoint.
i have just had blood tests done for glucose kidney and liver function and arthritis which all came back negative or fine my hand is constantly swollen and my fingers are too aswell as turning inwards and becoming bent and stiff, i saw a locum doc who suggested a scan of the hand for arthritis not RA though, but my GP said no and sent me for bloods, so far one says by the looks of my hand i have it and the other has now said i just have aches and pains and it will go away soon. i am on 100mg CELEBREX 2x a day now alongside SOLPADOL codeine and paracetamol 4x a day for my shoulder dislocating and the pains it causes and am to use this with my hand but it does not touch the inflammation and my hand is always sooooooo big. i am waking in the night now stiff as you like and the mornings are a nightmare, but when i am active during the day its ok until i sit down, when i stand for long periods it goes from my feet ankles knees and back i cant wait to lay down. i am so confused and have always been fobbed off, RA and general arthritis runs in the family heavy but the doc wont go any where with it because the bloods say normal. please can somebody help me with some suggestions because i am going out of my tiny lickle mind and its causing more stresses on top of the kids xxxxxxx tia xxxxxxxx