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Hi, I have spinal OA with DDD, which had caused me severe lumbar spinal stenosis. I had surgery, which helped alot, but I have issues with scar tissue plus I think i'm getting more disc herniations. The surgery helped my stenosis pains alot, but I am not pain free, because the arthritis alone causes me pain and alot of stiffness.

It's very hard to sit for too long, I can feel the pressure in my spine and rear end...and plus if I sit too long, I get sooo stiff, it's very hard to get up and try to straighten up. For me I've noticed the more humid it is, the worse my pain & stiffness gets. And when it;s warm and a storm brings in cool weather, that also hurts.

I have been doing phyiscal therapy exercises for 2 years now (I started via script from my rheum in March or April of '06 before I had surgery...insurance only paid 30 visits, but my PT offered me to come there to use all their equipment for a low monthly fee, so I just kept going). I am not sure how much the exercising is helping b/c I still keep getting problems and pain...but I don't know if I would feel even worse if I didnt do all this.

I have a hard time bending and turning. It's hard when I drive or back up out of a parking space, b/c I can't turn my torso very much to look around. Many times I also have problems turning my neck. I rely alot on all my mirrors as well. Just driving in the car is a project b/c my back & neck start to hurt plus my toes get pins & needles in them. And when I have nerve pain it gets even worse while sitting in the car. And now, again, I'm having trouble walking or standing for too long and I'm not sure what the cause of that is yet. But all of this is limiting me in what I can do. Of course housework is hard, sometimes it's hard to shower and dress, like when I have bad nerve pains. I can't go to the park, or flea markets , or fairs, etc...b/c that requires walking around, which I cant' do for long without alot of pain in my hips/sacral/pelvic areas. I get alot of muscles spasms, too....sometimes I am wearing multiple heating pads in different areas, I've had to do that at work, too. When my neck killed me, I had to sit on a 6" carton full of catalogs instead of my chair...so that my neck and arms were literally at desk level. When I wake up in the morning I'm very stiff. I sleep on my sides and sometimes I'll get pain in particular areas of my lumbar or thoracic spine while laying on my side and breathing in. It can hurt in a specific area of my spine and when I breath in too deep, it causes almost a sharp pain in that area of my spine that radiates usually out to the right. But once I get up, it doesn't happen anymore. It will take me a while to get moving. I usually have differing levels of stiffness all day long, but even though I cant walk too long, it does help shake off some of the stiffness. I was doing my PT stretching again after surgery, but for some reason the more time went on, the harder it got for me to stretch. And now any kind of stretching instantly brings on painful cramps & spasms.

I do whatever I physically can...I still do my PT exerices (sometimes there are some I cant do, especially if I have sciatica); since I'm home right now I can get up and lay down whenever I need to, so it's not as bad. At work it was harder b/c I had to be on the phones all day. Now i'm unemployed b/c my company is closing, but I was found eligible for Vocational Rehab and will start more school training next week. That will be hard and I'm worried b/c there's no way I can take my muscle relaxer there, it makes me dizzy and I cannot focus well. The lyrica also makes me feel a bit strange. But both meds together help a little with my nerve pains and spasms. When not taking them, it all gets worse and in turn it's hard to concentrate just from pain. So I hope I can get through the training and pass in the end. While at my last job, i'd been there for a long time in severe pain everyday and somehow got through it, so I hope I can do the same with school...and hope someone hires me quickly afterwards. The school says they have placement help, plus Voc Rehab will help me. I can't walk for exericise, can't do a bicycle b/c it kills my neck leaning forward; I wish I had a pool closeby, that would be the perfect way to exercise for me. All I have is my bathtub, but, that ain't gonna work! LOL

Over the years I have tried so many meds & supplements (relafen, mobic, feldene, lidoderm patches, bextra, medrol dose packs, acuflex, ibuprofen, celebrex, limbrel, ESI's, fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, multi vitamins, extra VIt D, calcium, & magnesium..and probably some that I'm forgetting). In the early stages when I tried Bextra, that seemed to work great, but only a few weeks later it was being pulled off the market. Some of the others I had reactions to & had to quit; the medrol packs helped me most on the higher dose days; I've taken oral prednisone (40mg per day) for a flare of something else....and that is the only med i've ever taken that really, really helps me big time. Even the ESI's help me alot, and lessens my spine stiffness greatly. But of course one cannot keep on taking it all the time. So now, I am not taking anything specifically for OA. I am taking Soma & Lyrica for spasms & nerve pains; Plaquenil for lupus; and I thought I was taking something else, too....but geez, I cant even remember what now. But i'm not on any anti-inflammatories so my spine pain & stiffness continues and I just take it day by day.