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hi i am 26 and i too have severe swelling of the hand joints ie figers that are constantly swollen and hard to move and tendor wrist joints i wear a splint and a tubi grip which helps now and then although antiinflammatroy drugs that i take celebrex dus not touch it, i have had neg blood tests for arthritis and i am currently awaiting blood results for RA Autoimmune disease, Carpal tunnel and reynauds i have just ad an xray on the hand too, i have lax joints that dislocate with movement alongside my hips, my knees and elbows ankles and my back get soooooo stiff when still but ok with simple movement, i also get chest pains that worsen on movement when i get them any ideas if you can help me get somewhere wth this??? its is so frustrating when you cannot use a tin opener or hoover for more than a few mins x