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Hello all!

I just registered to this site, and I'm glad I did. I see from the posts that I am in the right place. :)

I have severe scoliosis, have moderate psoriatic arthritis, and severe osteoarthritis. I've had both hips replaced in the past 2 years (6 mos. apart), and am now able to work....that is if I have my Fentanyl patch, my Celebrex, and my Vicodin for "break-through pain."

I am also concerned with the prolonged drug use. I asked if there was an alternative to treat my chonic pain, and get off drugs. My PM doc and I have been discussing spinal implants that act much like e-stim to treat the pain. The implants are put in for a week's time to test for tolerance and effectiveness. Then, if all is well, the implants are surgically and permanently "installed". (sorry, I have a dry sense of humor...it is one of the only things that has helped me through all this!) :jester:

I would then be able to monitor and treat my self from my laptop, which would be hot-linked to the implant. Even though I have had my hips replaced with titanium parts, I am hesitant to put in the implants. They are said to give 60 - 70% pain relief. I have the feeling I would still have to take Vicodin to be able to work. THe whole point of the implants is to get off the drugs.

Has anyone tried these types of implants? If so, please let me know how you are doing. Thanks!

Again, I know I have found the right place here, and thanks for all you have written about chonic pain. Very insightful stuff!

Dina :cool: