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Just an update.....:)

I'm still plunking away..:D Though I did have to start radiation on that tumor that grew in the surgery site...after I had the radical resection of the inguinal lymph nodes.. That thing got so big and was causing incredible pain!
I had read about this new radiation procedure called the Cyberknife. This is an incredible new technology! It was used on brain tumors that were deemd inoperable but now they are branching out and using it on various types of tumors and cancers. It is not surgery with a scalpal - it's a very precise laser guided high intensity radiation beam that is capable of hitting a tumor from multipile directions while sparing healthy tissue. This is more precise than any radiation technology out there. Anyone with brain, pancreas, lung, liver, etc.. tumors should definitely check out cyberknifesupport.org The treatment usually consists of 1 to 3 visits and the tumor is obliterated! And healthy tissue is safe...

Unfortunately for me however, due to the size of my tumor (7cm) and the fact that it is over my femoral artery, I was not a good candidate for the cyberknife. I opted for the 3D conformal radiation. I've had 11 treatments so far and the tumor feels about half it's size. It had been on a nerve and the pain was gone after the first 3 visits. I have 14 more treatments to go.

I am managing my metastasis with Tarceva and Celebrex and it seems to be holding and diminishing the lung mets.. The pain in the leg has been my biggest problem...the tumor had begun to adhere to tissues on my hip and it restricted my walking and caused the lymphedema to become chronic. Most of that pain is gone now and the lymphedema is resolving itself. I still have pain but most of it is from the lymphedema..;) It is so nice to be able to sleep without that darn pain I was having before the radiation...

Just an update to let you all know how I'm doing and to remind you to not give up! Also - don't be afraid to insist on treatments and to say "no" if you feel those treatments are doing more harm than good! No one knows your body more than you - no oncologist, doctor, nurse, no one. Many times people are herded into cancer treatments like cattle - just because that' all that doctor has to offer - not because it's the best treatment for you or the best available treatment. Do some serious research into what is currently available to treat your specific type of cancer.. It could be that your oncologist isn't aware of it yet..and could try it if you give them information on it. "Quality of life" is the most important part of survivng cancer and the treatments...Someday the cancer industry will realize this and make it mandatory...;)