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Hey everybody. I need some opinions here if at all possible.

I have a 20+ year history of DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease L4-L5 & L5- S1) and osteoarthritis of the back, both knees and both feet. I have been on an antiinflammatory Feldene (use to be on Voltaren & Celebrex) which I take daily (20mgs) and when things get bad with the DDD in which the nerves and muscles spasm I go on a muscle relaxant as needed sometimes for up to a few months at a time but it incapacitates me to the point of barely being able to function. I take Ultram only when absolutely possible for pain. My pain threshhold is quite high.....I delivered both my daughters without ANYTHING, not even tylenol but the pain I am experiencing over the past month is the worst I have ever had in my entire life.

My concerns are that about a month ago my neck stiffened up with pain and I couldn't move it one bit without it causing excruciating pain. I put myself on the muscle relaxant and iced it up.....it was so bad that I had severe chills that had my body jumping in the bed and I also was experiencing pain right down to the bone and muscles throughout my entire body. It felt like 100 times more than you would feel with the flu. I had no fever at all throughout this. (Usually my pain is limited to my back, knees and ankles but now it seems to be everywhere:()

I almost had my hubby bring me to the ER because this was different than anything I had ever experienced in terms of pain before but I toughed it out and it got a little bit better but has persisted ever since. The weather has been more rainy than usual and I find myself to only get relief when wrapped in a heated blanket most of the day. I do find that it is much worse on rainy and cold days but I am finding that with every step that I take I am in quite a bit of pain. I also am very tired....I sleep 12 hours a night and then after a few hours of being awake I feel as if I am ready to sleep for the night again. I manage to stay awake but do need a 3-4 hour nap/day. This all started around the same time that the neck pain occurred and I am off the muscle relaxant for over 2 weeks now and still feeling tired and out of it. I can move my neck almost normally now but there is still a tightness and some pain remaining that wasn't there in the past. It also is affecting my shoulders as well.

I went to the doctor and he drew all kinds of bloodwork to check for Thyroid probems, Lymes, Mono and I would imagine the rheumatoid factors etc. I should be hearing back from him sometime this week once all of the bloodwork is back.

I just was wondering if anybody here might have an idea whether this is my Osteo getting worse or something else. All I can describe it as is a flareup of something that is circulating throughout my body that is out of control. I am getting scared and also find myself to be quite weepy and my eyes are also dry and irritated all the time too.

I would so appreciate hearing from others who might be familiar with what I am describing....I know that only a doctor will get down to the bottom of this....the doctor who managed me for the past 20 years retired last year and I feel like a fish out of water because we have moved and I can't seem to find another one like him. I am seeing a DO who is only in the office twice a week....when I asked him if he can manage me he said he would draw the bloodwork and determine things from there. My guess is that I am going to require some type of specialist depending what we find. My old doctor was an internist who was able to manage me on his own consulting with a neurologist. Also I have been on disability for these health problems as well as workmen's comp since my back was injured while working on the job in the health profession.

Thanks for listening.....I apologize for the length of this post and thank you for taking the time to read through it.

~ IG :)