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I did go see someone from pain management program and they put me on celebrex 200mg I didn't wont any med that I can get hooked on I don't wont to mask the pain but fix it, don't get me wrong I have been on alot of pain pills before I have tried them all and nothing touches it,its like I'm eatting candy. can not tell I'm taking it and I go June 18th to have cerical epidural steroid Injection not sure what that is but I hope to god it works. my neck feels like someone took a hammer and beat me down with it. I have burning pain in my upper back. my three fingers on my right side go numb sometimes.like I said when I wake up in the morning it feels like my legs are locked up it takes a good 15 mins where they feel like they are working right. then like I said in the other post my feet go inward sometimes and I have to catch myself from falling. I have a two story house and the master bedroom is up there I have missed the last step don't know why that is happening and I have done that on other steps going down the decks of the house. I have scars on my knees where I've fallen down. we are thinking about taking the other master bedroom down stairs because my husband is so scared that I'm going to fall on the very top step. my whole body feels like I have the flu all the time. but my neck is the worse of it all I can not even put in words how bad it is other then I feel like I've been hit with a hammer thanks for the replys they mean alot to me your friend Beth