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Hi Everyone,
As a little background before I ask my question:
In my early 20s, after suffering from achy joints, and recieving a postive RF test, I was sent to see a rheumatologist. I was followed every 6 months for a couple of years but nothing seemed to develop further. In my late 20's I began to have swelling and pain in my wrists. Another RF test came back positive, but xrays were negative. My GP (I had moved to a new city) put me on DayPro (can't remember the generic name), which I took for a few weeks, but went off while trying to get pregnant. In the years that followed, I would have flare-ups, every 18 months or so, in my wrists. I was so busy with babies, that I never bothered to go to the doctor about it, and a flare up would last about a month or so. During those times, I would keep my wrists wrapped up, as any kind of movement was excruciating. I also develloped nodules on the inside of my wrists.
Now I am in my mid-30's and after 6 months of extreme stiffness in all my muscles and joints (stiffness would happen if I sat down for even 2 minutes) I went to my doctor (my old GP has retired). This doctor ran all the usual tests, SedRate, RF, CRP, ANA. Everything came back normal. She says that it could still be RA, despite the negative RF this time, and despite the fact that no joints are swollen. I have tried tylenol, advil, muscle relaxants, but nothing even touches the stiffness. I have tried walking, and stretching, as a form of exercise, but still no better. The doctor wanted to prescribe Celebrex, but the pharmacist wouldn't fill the prescription since I am allergic to sulfa drugs,so the doctor switched it to meloxicam (mobic). I started yesterday. I am on 7.5mg twice a day. I was told that if this helps, wait a week, and then cut down to 7.5mg once a day. She wanted to refer me to a rheumatologist, but I wanted to wait and see if this drug works.
OK, so here are my questions (thanks for reading this far;))
1. How long does it take for this drug to start working? does it need to build up in the system first? I have taken 4 doses so far, and haven't noticed a thing.
2. Can I take advil along with this? I suffer from sinus headaches, and usually take Advil Cold and Sinus.
Thanks for any replies!
Hi, Mobic is another type of anti-inflammatory medicine; I've tried it myself, but it caused some reaction in that all around my eyes got severely swollen (to the point my eyes were almost shut) so I had to stop taking it. However, the week or so I did take it , it didn't help any of my pains. But everyone is different, so it's possible it might help you. But with most anti-inflammatories, you do need to take it on a regular basis (Probably for at least several weeks) so that it builds up in your blood (there is a name for this, but of course my brain isnt' finding it this morning). Ohhh, I think it's called a "therapeutic dose".......

I am also (severely) allergic to sulfa drugs, however, I have taken Celebrex without getting the same reaction. I did get samples first from my doc, though. But it's good that your pharmacist recognized that.

I am not sure if you should also take advil. It probably wouldnt be a good idea to take more than one anti-inflammatory at a time, especially since these kinds of meds can affect your stomach, kidneys, blood, etc. I think the best person to ask would be your pharmacist.
Mobic does take a while to start working. They switched me to that when Vioxx was taken off the market. It was OK - I bought it from Canada where it is much cheaper. But I ran out and used Aleve and found it worked as well so I just quit the Mobic.

FYI, Mobic is OTC in Canada. Depending on your insurance, it may be cheaper to order it from there. It was for me.

My sister and I both are allergic to Sulfa drugs. She does take Celebrex and hasn't had any problems. Since the Aleve is working for - and is very cheap -
I've stayed with it.

As for the sulfa drug allergy, my Internist - who is an MD/PhD - and I discussed this situation relative to a blodd pressure med he wanted me to take. Most sulfa allergies are digestive related. He felt the particular BP med was one I would do well on but wanted me to be sure and take it with food and to track what happened. Well, I did and I had indigestion from it. It took about 4 months but it finally wore off. We had to eventually change to a higher dosage and the side effect came back but less severe and much shorter in duration. So, I've stuck with it as it does well with my BP and the other issues have evened out. But, I am watchful and will let him kow if there are any changes. Bottom line, you might discuss this with your doctor and go from there.