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Is that the only place where it hurts? Do you mean it's below your ribcage?
I actually went through this whole thing where I was having flank pain and back pain on my left side back in March. It was thought by the doctor at the walk-in center I went to that I had a UTI (even though the tests came out inconclusive), and I took 10 days of antibiotics. I felt better, and didn't think anything more of it until a month later, when I started getting the pain again. I thought the UTI was back, but my tests came out negative that time, so began my journey to find out what was wrong. It hurt in my side and my back, and sometimes in the front under my ribcage, and then lower almost to my leg. I had X-rays and CT Scans to check for Kidney Stones, which they found none, and finally, during week 5 of the pain, I went to my primary MD and I told him where and when it hurts, and he poked me in the back and I almost went through the roof with pain-- it was one of my "floating ribs"- one of the ones not attached to the ribcage. It was inflamed, most likely, he said. So rather than send me for more (possibly unneeded) tests to see if it was anything worse, he decided to try putting me on Celebrex for 3 weeks to bring down any inflammation. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I have an appointment to see him again. I will say that it's helped a lot. It took a week before I noticed any lessening in the pain, but right now, it pretty much doesn't hurt at all unless I sit certain ways for a length of time, or swing from tree branches like I did the other day like an idiot. But when the pain is there now, I mostly notice it in my back, and in the front right under my ribcage. Before, there had been so much referred pain, it kind of just hurt everywhere along my left side and back.
And it took me a while to figure out what my rib could be inflamed from, and then I remembered back in January, I slipped on ice and fell down the brick steps in the front of my house and slammed my spine on the edge of one of the steps. I bet it's from that.
Anyway, all that to say that a dull pain in your left side right under your ribcage could be an inflamed rib. I think kidney stones would usually hurt along the back and side more (though I have read that they could sometimes cause pain only in the front), and gallbladder pain would be on your right side.
At any rate, you should see your doctor to make sure.
Keep us posted!