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Not too long ago, I had a few posts on here about my inflamed rib. I had pain up my side and back on my left side for 5 weeks before I found out what it was.
At first, I thought it was a Urinary Tract Infection, and then when that was ruled out, they looked for Kidney Stones, which there were none. Finally, after telling my primary doc when and where it hurts, he poked me in the side of my back in a certain place, and I almost went through the roof- he said one of my floating ribs was inflamed, and all the other pain along my side and up my back was just referred pain.
Anyway, he had me take Celebrex (an anti-inflammatory) for three weeks and come back. It started working a week later, and greatly reduced the pain, but the pain was still there (though not as bad) by the time I went back 3 weeks later. He said that since the pain did subside a great deal while on the Celebrex, the rib is probably not broken. But he thinks the remaining pain may be from the way I sit at work, so it's still being aggravated and not having a chance for the inflammation to fully go down.
I think I originally hurt it back in January when I slipped on ice and fell down my front steps. The edge of one of the stairs jammed into my back in that same area. It hurt for 2 weeks in that general area of my back (especially over my spine where I'd gotten a huge bruise), and then I was fine until March when my side and back hurt for about a week and a half and it was thought I had a UTI, so I was put on antibiotics. The pain came back a month later in April, and that's when the UTI/kidney stone theory was shot down, and by the 5th week, my doctor figured out it was inflammation of one of the floating ribs. But at the 8th week mark when I saw him for a checkup, he said to try to sit better at work, and the pain should go away, so last week, I really paid attention to how I was sitting, and I definitely feel a difference. I think I just injured it back in January, it became inflamed, but the way I sit at my desk at work kept it irritated for longer than it would have normally been.
Anyway, good luck. Maybe another doctor will actually do an exam, and send you for x-rays or a bone scan if he suspects they are broken.
But to me, having been through something similar, it sounds like an inflamed rib.