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I went to my neurologist for a check up and happened to be in what I figured was a bad arthritis flare up. It ran from my right toe to my neck and from my left knee all the way to my neck. Last year I was dxed with OA in every joint, spinal column except for a 4 inch span (go figure). Basically I was one big Arthur and Ritis sandwhich. Anyway, my neuro was concerned enough about the pain I experienced just to stand up and walk across the room and when he checked me he felt my fibro was having a field day on top of everything else so basically I felt like crud to put it nicely. He started me on a 5 day regimen of decadron, 4 mg 3 times a day. Strangely enough he did not titrate me up or down. Just start and stop. Well needless to say this was way too much, basically .85mg of decadron is equivalent to 5 mg of prednisone. Usually when I have a flare up this bad I go to my regular gp and get a shot of steroids and anesthetic and go to bed with a lortab. Fortunately my brother who is a doc in Fla was up for a family funeral and realized I was having a psychotic reaction to the corticosteroids and made me stop immediately, which was not a problem as I was down to the last 2 pills. The medicine cause auditory and visual hallucinations as well as a need to work non stop and not sleep. I surprisingly did not eat my way to a quick 10 lbs until after coming off the meds and then craved food once my teeth lost the numbness and food started tasting normal. Only gained 2 lbs fortunately!! I called several of my docs, my psychiatric medicine doc that is supposed to keep my meds straight since I have to see many different specialists (OA, fibro and myofascial, brain injury, DDD, recent spinal surgery, thyroid disease, hypoglycemic). The psych med doc saw me right away and was stunned to learn that I was not weaned on or off the meds and shared the concern my brother had about my adrenal glands shutting off. Well it is 2 weeks later and I still have issues with heat, clarity of thinking at times, and arm weakness. I usually have to bend over backwards to get help for pain, but I will NEVER take this med again. I just can't seem to understand why my neuro put me on this med as it is the same one they gave my mom for her lung cancer to help shrink the tumors and swelling. It did help my left sinus that has had damage from thyroid eye complications, and it took the pain away within a few hours of my first dose. Now my stiffness in feet, knees, hips, hands and shoulders and neck is coming back full force. I truly am at a loss as to what to do. I do the heat and ice, meditate, take celebrex and flexeril, lortab only at night so I can get some rest, but I just don't know what else to do to relieve the increasing pain. Does anyone else have OA throughout their body and how do you deal with it? I never have a day that one or more parts is not flaring. I just tell my son that Arthur and Ritis are visiting when he asks why I am moving so slow. I hate being almost 39 and getting passed by little old ladies in the grocery store like I am standing still and they are flying by. It is kind of embarrassing not to mention irritating that I am so slow. Enough griping, my hope is for suggestions or just to find some coping strategies. I just use the buggy as my cane, vanity and not enough common sense have made me use the cane except around the house and yard. Any suggestions are thanked in advance!!
Mim Gregg