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I was dx with severe case of RA without showing in my blood work. I had C-reactive Protein high for years, but this not neseseraly shows RA, it can be from other inflammation in your body.

Pain did not come over night: it comes and in time gets worse and worse, more and more areas affected. More swoleness, redness of the joints, low grade fevers may occur too.
Stubbing pains more related to a nerve pains (I have nerve dagages from my 2 spinal fusions and I can tell you that stubbing, shooting pains in a legs, feet are nerve related).

RA doesn't affect your spine, this is for sure. Neck only, elbows, wrists, knees, hands, small joints in your hands and ankles, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Sometimes shoulders.
I got a lot of tears (some of them need to be surgicaly fixed but not during aggressive treatment I am on) in my muscles and ligaments (MRI shows this). My tendons and ligaments very torned and dry which causing tears and ruptures. I started having all those symptoms about at 40, now I am 53 years old.

I was dx with MS (this summer also) and Fibromyologa 10 years ago. FM is not showing in any tests or blood work, some Doctors don't even believe in it. So practically my treatments were Viox and Celebrex from inflammaion for years with little to none sucsess. I really did not even worry about FM since nothing serious but pain causing dx. I knew that something more is going on.

Took me many app., many DR to see until I really found someone very good and knowlegable to be heard and to get the right dx.
She sent me for second opinion for my own comfort and both of them were shocked what I am going through without proper treatments.

Now I am on 20mg of chemo therapy (Meth), Rx Folic Acid, Prednisone and they working now on once a week shot (which can be done in a office only), but I have to go through a lot of blood work and to see some specialist in order for them be able to put me on this shot.

You never give up. If you hurt - your body tells you something is wrong. Go ahead and take good care of yourselves.

Hugs and blessings
Since this is auto - immune disease, if not treated it may affect your organs, heart especially. It happened to me.