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Hi. I posted previously lastnight, but didnt introduce myself. I am a 35 year old woman recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Well my Rheumt. didnt actually say you have RA, but that is what I believe he is treating me for. The only abnormal test Ive had so far is Rheumatoid Factor. (112 once and 322 the second time.)previous post goes into more details. My symptoms started to concern me when I noticed ALL my joints pop. Not so much in pain just sounds horrible. That brought me to the orthopedic Dr. because my knee sounded so bad. He pres therapy and celebrex, which I didnt take. Hate meds and I wasnt really in pain. Just wanted to know what was going on. Almost 6 mths later my finger started hurting left pointer finger. It also swelled up and seem to be getting bigger by the day. This did hurt so I researched RA. I came across a symptom that I thought may be related to RA if thats what I have. Every morn I wake up and sit up and it feels like I have water in my back. No weezing or coughing congestion, ect.( hard to describe.)think this may be some form of pleurisy. I have an appt. Wend with my Rheumy to run more test and take a chest xray. He wants to start me on Enbrel, which scares me to death. Well I usually avoid medication if at all possible, and I have found myself in such a predicament. My pain is not severe but I dont want to wait too long for meds that I cause damage to my joints. Does anyone know if my joints are being damaged even though my sed rate was normal and my ccp was norm my xrays of my hands showed no damage.( will definitely ask Dr.) But alllll my joints pop and my right hand is starting to hurt and my neck also. Sorry for the long post, I just cant think about anything else but this and I feel my life is being taken away from me. I am in school almost finshed with my prereq for nursing in the fall, and NOONE can tell me that I will be OK to continue. My husband has a good job and I dont have to work, but this has been a dream of mine for a long time and Im afraid I will be unable to work in the near future especially with my hands already hurting and all the walking and standing nurses do, paper work ect. Are any of you still able to work full-time in demanding jobs? Seems all I hear from internet ect. is how difficult life becomes with this disease. Needless to say I am sooo depressed right now. I have 2 boys to raise 12 and 16 and my youngest has Cerebral Palsy. Im so worried I will not be able to care for him in future. He has a very mild case and I know he will be independant in future. But I have no idea at what age he will no longer need at least some help from me. :( I also noticed recently after I shower It feels like ants are biting me on my arms, and I have these muscle jerks. My arms shake when bent and leaning on my elbows. I hope this is not MS showing up. Do any of you experience this with RA? I dont have any other symptoms of MS but these. Dont know If I could handle more bad news. Im just glad so many of you are here to talk and listen to me. Not alot of people understand when I appear to be so healthy on the outside. I will post on results of my Dr. visit this week. Lots of Love Karrie