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Same thing happened to me five months ago. I had (and still have) a pain from the middle of my back on the left side, around the front, and down to my groin area on that side. I thought I had a kidney/urinary tract infection, but it came out negative. I was x-rayed and CT-scanned, but there was no kidney stones. I finally went to my GP (I had only been to my gyno and a kidney specialist before that about it), and he asked me where and when it hurt, and when I said it always hurts, depending how I sit, and especially when I'm driving and put the hand on that side on the steering wheel, he walked over and poked me in a certain place in my back, and I almost went through the roof it hurt so much. He said my floating rib on that side was probably inflamed, so he had me take Celebrex (anti-inflammatory) for 3 weeks. He said if the Celebrex didn't help, he would send me for a bone scan to see if there were any cracks. But it did help a lot. It still hurts a bit, but it's not constant and not as bad. And it only hurts when I do certain things. I think it was caused by a fall in January- I slipped on ice on my front stoop, and went flying down the stairs. I slammed my spine on the edge of one of the stairs (and sprained a finger). It hurt so bad, but I didn't think there was any permanent damage. But then two months later, the pain in my rib started.
It's either from the fall, or Lyme Disease, which I've had twice and was treated with antibiotics, but I don't think I was treated long enough, and I'm going to see a Lyme Specialist in September.