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I am also a little on the skinny side, 150lbs, the needles going into and by the joints hurt's really bad, they give me a cocktail of demirol and valium prior to the procedure, but, as you stated it still hurts very badly.
They are shooting in the maximumdosage for wy weight, it usually takes a couple of weeks for it to actually take effect and it offers about a month of relief and then I am right back to hurting and in severe pain.
It interupts my sleep very badly and I am on the ragged edge of being able to function the next day and go to work.
I have constant headeches and taking 45mg of Morphine 3 x's daily along with Celebrex. I am using clonazapam at night a 500mg of vicodin just to go to bed and try to get a couple of hours of sleep.
It sucks! I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon scheduled on the 20th of this month and only hope that he can and will do something to help relieve this pain.
I know that there is a trade off and that surgery does not always fix the issue, but I can only wait and hope that if surgery is neccesary it will help get rid of the headches and provide me with enough relief so I can sleep!
By the way I am having trouble in the C-Spine at the C4-C7 levels and they have also stated in MRI reports that I may have an Arnold Chiari Malformation in there and they will be conducting testing on that also, so a decompression surgery may be neccesary also.