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A pleasure to meet all of you fellow suffers. A little about myself; I a a 44 year old woman with two wonderful children (21 and 25) and a supporting, doting husband that his taken very good care of me over the last 8 years since my first double fusion on my lower back. In 2000 I had two herniated discs at s1-L5 and L5-L4 which were taken care of. Went two years without any leg pain and then boom it happened! The pain returned and I was forced to go through another back surgery where my Neuro fused L4-L3. But 6 months after the surgery I was having leg pain once more and my surgeon decided after tests that L4-L3 was unstable and did not fully fuse. So revision in 2004 left me with horrible leg pain and back pain that I have been dealing with for the last 4 years. Been seeing a great PM doc that has been quite active in my medication control.

But today I had an appointment and found out that a recent Mylo shows that some nerves close to my spinal canal are narrowing and that all the meds in the world are not going to help me. So with that he is putting me in for a Stimulator as well as placing me on Celebrex, Topamax as well as a topical cream to help lower the inflammation in my lower back (or try to) but he says that there is a chance that this will not work and that the Stimulator will be my only chance for a half way normal life.

Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I hope to post to each of you in the future days.