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Well, I saw my rheumatologist and ALL of my additional tests came back negative. She basically said that was good, don't take my anti-imflammatories (since it was causing swelling in my legs/ankles) and said I had osteoarthritis and then said goodbye.

I left but was in a kind of state of shock. Relieved that the tests came back negative but also VERY disappointed and frustrated. I felt for SURE she would figure out what was going on and would prescribe something that could help.

I went back to my family doc and he also said it's DEFINITELY not rheumatoid arthritis -- it's osteoarthritis. He changed my meds to Celebrex but I can't fill my prescription because my insurance company said they won't cover it. My doc's office is filling out paperwork to try and get it filled so in the meantime I am on ibuprofen when causes me to be in agony every 4 hours when the effects wear off. I have to take some kind of anti-imflammatory or it's pretty unbearable.

I STRONGLEY feel that there IS something going on with me. The past few mornings I've had trouble standing on my ankles and I'm feeling pains everywhere and the pains are always symmetrical.

Is it possible to have symmetrical pains with ostoearthritis? I mean, EVERYWHERE? I thought osteo was 'wear and tear'? How could my body be 'wearing and tearing' all over: ankles, knees, feet (multiple places), hips, neck, fingers, elbows, thumbs, and sometimes even my jaw.

This is SO scary! Does anyone have any advise or words of wisdom? I am calling my docs office right now to see if they can recommend anyone in the Chapel Hill area (I'm in NC). I feel I MUST get another opinion.

All of this seemed to get worse towards the beginning of the summer. I just don't understand any of this...

Thanks in advance,