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Are you currently taking Sulfasalazine..and thinking of switching to Plaquenil? Plaquenil is actually considered one of the safer drugs and it can be taken with many other drugs without any reactions. The only thing is that it can take up to several months to feel any results, it's definitely not a quick fix. When I started it, my Rheum put me on both Prednisone and plaquenil..I took and tapered off the prednisone over about 8 months & in the mean time i was taking 400 mg per day of Plaquenil...so it had lots of time to build up in my system.

There are many other anti-inflammatories, though I have tried many without any relief. I have tried Mobic, Relafen, Bextra, Celebrex, Feldene, Ansaid, Prednisone, Medrol Dose Packs, and others that I cannot remember. But I am pretty sure there are other DMARDS like methotrexate for PA and RA. Hopefully someone else who has more knowledge with those diseases/treatments will reply...
If you're looking for the safest with the least amt of side effect, I'd go with Plaquenil. Not that it doesn't have it's share of problems but it does seem to be much better tolerated than most other autoimmune medications. I was on it for years with no discernible side effects (other than tummy ache if I forgot to take it with food) and it worked well for a mild DMARD. I did need to go to the eye doctor once a year for an eye check but that was it. I'm allergic to sulfa drugs, sulfa allergy doesn't go away, so if that's what you have you'll have to stay off sulfasalazine and Celebrex as well.

A short course of prednisone can ease you into Plaquenil, which may take several weeks to work. I have lots of side effects with pred. You couldn't get me to take prednisone if it were water and my head was on fire;) but some people have little or no side effects, esp short term. It's up to you.

If you're looking for the most effective, go with Enbrel. It's approved for both RA and PA. Works wonders, unfortunately it's a shot (you give yourself, bleh!) and while I was on it I got sick alot from the immune suppression - but it worked really well. I only stopped because I developed a tolerance to it and I'll have to wait years before I can try it again.