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After some recent DIY work with a sander, painting a garden cabin and assembling a flat-pack set of drawers, I have developed a very painful right thumb. This didn't happen immediately but came on a few days after the work was finished.
I saw an orthopedic surgeon who was quite dismissive. He put me of 100mg of Celebrex once per day and said it may take a few weeks to clear. I subsequently found that the Celebrex would wear off in a few hours so I decided to make the dose two times per day (with breakfast and dinner) and I also went to the pharmacy and bought a thumb splint. (Reading the notes for Celebrex seems to confirm that it should be twice a day and 100mg is anyway a low dose.)
I also had an X-Ray of the thumb at a local hospital and they say there is "a bit of arthritis in the thumb". I do have a pea-sized nodule on the top joint of the right thumb as well as a nodule on the inside of the lower joint of each thumb so I guess that also confirms arthritis. I am right-handed so wearing the splint is quite restrictive.
Does anyone here have any similar experience and/or advice?
This pain in the thumb does not seem to have changed much in the last six weeks, despite constant use of Celebrex and anti-inflammatory gel patches worn under the splint. The 'twanging' top joint comes on almost every evening.
I also developed terrible IBS pain in my lower right abdomen and felt sure it was due to the Celebrex. I stopped taking the Celebrex two days ago and sure enough, the IBS pain has almost gone, while there has been no change in the thumb pain. I have left off the splint during the day for the last few days but the painful 'twanging' (trigger effect) still comes on in the evening so I am still using the gel patches and the splint over night.
Family members are pushing me to try acupuncture but I am hesitating because I have bone spurs on both lower thumb joints and cannot see how acupuncture can compensate for that.
Does anyone here have any words of advice in this respect?
See a different orthopedist. (or give the first guy a chance to redeem himself - up to you)

Your "injury", whatever it is, should have resolved by now. You may have some soft tissue damage that wouldn't appear on an x-ray.

I was never able to take Celebrex either, it work well but the side effects were too much.
The question from Rudiraven about statins raised my curiosity so I did some research and discussed the matter with my acupuncturist, who is also a cardiologist. She felt there would be a slim chance that Crestor might aggravate my thumb pain but, particularly as I developed general pain in the other hand and thumb over the last few days, she suggested stopping Crestor for the next two weeks to see if that made any difference. I have also changed from Celebrex to Voltaren Retard and the pain is already much less. Of course, I don't know if it's the acupuncture, Voltaren or the absence of Crestor (or some entirely different factor) that is responsible but it is just a relief to have some improvement.
Just as a status report for anyone who may be interested - I have stopped the acupuncture as it was just too painful. I have also been off Celebrex and Crestor for the last two weeks but am taking Voltaren Retard instead of Celebrex. I am convinced that Crestor was contributing to the pain. My doctor thinks Voltaren are safer but the warnings for that are just as scary.
The right thumb pain is a lot better during the day but the clicking in the top joint comes on every evening. (How does my thumb joint know what time of day it is?) I am also waking up each morning with a bit more stiffness in the thumb and fingers of the left hand. The finger pain is on the upper surface of the middle phalanx of each finger (between the top joint and the next one down).
I guess I need to consult a rheumatologist but, from what I read on the subject, there seems to be little they can do - other than give anti-inflammatories - and I am already on Nexiam due to previous damage from them.