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I am a host mother that hosts students from foreign countries that want to learn english. We are currently hosting a 19 yr old girl from Germany. She has always been active in many sports. She is in very healthy and is in very good phys. condition. She takes no meds has no health problems. She arrived here and did not start off immed. with an exercise regimine. She then joined a local gym and worked out regulary along with alot of walking and running. She began (approx. 10 days ago) experiencing pain and swelling in the lower portion of her shin and ankles. She was 1st diag. with an allergic reaction and was prescribed prednisone and cortisone creme. Neither helped at all. The swelling and pain gradually increased and she decided to try another MD. Her diagnosis was erythema nodosum. The MD prescribed Celebrex which has min. helped with the pain but no change in the swelling. I am pretty concerned cosidering she will be flying home to Germany in a week from San Diego. I know about flying and the complications with edema and possibilities for DVT. Can anyone suggest what to do?:confused: